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Introducing the BodyTone®, a non-surgical treatment designed to build muscle and burn fat.

The BodyTone® employs bio-electric energy pulses to “exercise” individual muscle groups. It not only prevents muscle atrophy, but through muscle re-education, also strengthens, sculpts and tones our weak areas to rebuild muscle mass.

It is well understood that our muscle tissue grows during our formative years, typically from birth until middle age. At some point, however, our muscles begin to deteriorate. Muscle atrophy, or loss of muscle tissue, is a condition that is most commonly caused by inactivity, poor diet and age. Although other causes of muscle atrophy do exist like genetics and disease, most muscle atrophy can be attributed to lifestyle choices and simply getting older. Enter the Body Tone.

How does it work?

Muscle confusion is required to increase muscle mass and to keep your muscles growing. BodyTone uses a series of proprietary waveform patterns delivered to targeted muscle groups to dramatically change the size, shape, and tone of your muscles.

The BodyTone “exercises” are best described as twists, flexes, and contractions of very specific muscle groups to simulate a heavy workout -- approximately 20,000 muscles contractions within 30 minutes. A complete treatment cycle of The Spa’s BodyTone system results in a stronger, tighter core and well-defined muscles in the treated area. In most cases the BodyTone can create up to 30% increase in muscle development.

You will like what you see.

12 Sessions

Build each muscle group in 6 x 30 min sessions. Spend an hour with us and target 2 or more muscle groups depending on personalized body plan. Depending on your personal physique it may be possible target up to 3 muscle groups in this 12 x 30 min package. Sessions must be done every other day or every 3rd day to see best results.

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