Tattoo Removal
Remove Unwanted or Damaging Tattoos

Nearly 30% of people in the United States have at least one tattoo; it's not surprising that many of them want to have one or more removed.

Laser tattoo removal procedures and techniques have advanced to the point where unwanted tattoos can be removed or lightened dramatically with very minimal side effects. The effectiveness of your individual tattoo removal plan will depend on a number of individual factors. These typically include the size, color(s), and age of the tattoo, the color of your surrounding skin, and the depth of the pigment in your skin.

Most anyone who has an unwanted tattoo on their skin is likely to be a good candidate for laser tattoo removal, including those with medical and skin conditions. The effectiveness of the tattoo removal, and the number of treatments you will need, will depend on a number of individual factors. These include the size, colors, and the age of the tattoo(s), as well as the color of your surrounding skin. It also matters how deep the pigment of the tattoo ink goes into your skin.

How Tattoo Removal Works

The color of the tattoo's pigment is key to breaking up the ink. From there your body's natural mechanisms remove the broken particles.

Prior to your procedure, an area of your skin will be tested with the laser to see how it reacts to determine the most effective energy level for your individual treatment. From there, a laser will be used to pass pulses of intense light through your skin where it will be absorbed by the tattoo’s pigment, rather than your non-tattooed skin.

It will likely take several treatments to completely remove your tattoo, which again, will depend on factors like the size, depth, age, and colors. However, your tattoo will become progressively lighter and harder to see after each treatment. You may experience some mild discomfort during the actual procedure, but typically not enough to require anesthesia.

Individual results for Tattoo Removal will vary.

Laser Assessment

required prior to treatment

Tattoo Removal is an effective use of Laser technology allowing clients the chance to eliminate unwanted ink. Pricing starts at $150.00 and varies based on size, color and placement of unwanted tattoo.

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